Tuesday, June 05, 2007

more of my samples: minibooks and mini books with jump rings

This mini book is an accordion album and is bare for ppl to put their own design and pictures. This mini book uses a spine to hold the pages and has patterned papers as inserts instead of solid paper cardstock. All using acid free papers and can be designed to your theme. This mini book with jump ring has embossed pages and we can easily add pictures to this. You have 5pages in each minibook and uses all acid free items.

The frontage of this minibook has a flower we can change that to anything to match your theme. We can also add ribbons to the jumprings for extra decor.

Price starts at 70.00 pesos per minibook minimum 40 pcs.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Other mini albums samples

To give you an idea of what premade layouts look like on 6x6 and 8x8 mini albums look like, here are some samples downloaded in the internet for your viewing.

I had made somethign similir to this in my Working mom article using a crayola plastic box (checkout the mag's June issue). I also made trinket boxes there in kraft material and plastic acrylic boxes.

Prices begin at P100 and up vary depending on boxes/plastic cases and design.
We can talk about what you prefer and see if we can work out a better deal.

Looking for alternative souvineers/activity that are useful?

The clipboards will range from P 60 to 100 pesos depending on size and volume ordered. The designs of this samples are for the scrapbooker however we can vary sizes and design theme to suit your needs.

Recommmended clibpboard size is roughly 5x8 with note pad on top.
A pen or pencil can be added if you wish.(additional cost)

Accordion albums are also popular and this can be done with premade layouts on the pages so guests can take home the tokens and place pictures on the layouts.
Size can vary according to customers' taste and theme.
All materials used are acid free.
Kindly give time to produce albums depending on volume
Price starts at P100 (depending on size and design)

Door hangers are more geared for craft party projects for the children to decorate and take home. It is suggested the kits the children will get are precut already and during the party proper they will only piece it together.
The project can be personalized because our team will be there to assist them cut the letters using our diecutting machine and can have a variety of shapes to add design to their kits.

We can discuss details and cost should you be interested to do this in your party.

Mini tag book

This is a mini tag book I did for online magazine, Scrapbytes. The design is for the mature woman however we can find other designs to fit your theme.
You may want to have thie book in this format.
Mini book description:
4x6 shaped into at tag
5 pages in inside
Acid free with embossing at the front
Embellishment on front can be changed according to
theme eg. Baby, FLower, heart etc.
Ribbon can be added
Insert pages can be changed from patterned paper to embossed solid paper of your choice (sixteen embossed choices)

P 85.00 each for orders order over 30 pcs
P 95.00 for orders below 30 pcs
Pls give at least one to 2 weeks production all of this are done by hand.

Mini albums of any size

I was just suggesting mini books and other scrapbooking related projects and here we go.. some people wanted to see samples.

Here are some of the samples I have made in the past.

The size of this is 8x8 and has patterned paper on cover, base and sheets.
This handmade and is suggested to be given to grandparents as a brag book for christening or parties. All materials are acid free and we can discuss papers to use re: color, design etc. This is very popular because its personal and grandparents have a ball showing off their grands kids.

One brag book will be at least P250 pesos minimum with 5 PAGES.
Pages are back to back so you have at least 10 8x8 layouts to fill in or put pictures in.
If you wish to reduce the size we can do it at 6x6 sized album at P200 pesos only.

Additional cost:
I can add pictures and layout for you inside (providing you give me pictures) for a nominal fee.

Order turnover: takes a week to finish one mini album but we can talk about delivery as you order.